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All AISD accounts are synchronized to the Active Directory accounts (A.D.) by using the single sign on feature of Rapid ID. This is configured using the link of If you have attempted to use the password.aisd.web page and are still having trouble with logging into all AISD accounts, it could be related to A. D. This form is for AISD full, part time and former employees only.

Fill out the form below and your access will be checked to make sure it is synched using This page should not be used to report on a particular web page that is not cooperating. Please use the regular ticket system forms to report on these issues. Students can have a request entered under the regular ticket system, also, using the category of Service and service type of Rapid ID. Describe the student's info in the problem description.

It is important that you choose the correct location for your request from the list below:

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